Savoury pies may sound odd to some, but they are one of the oldest convenience foods know to man and can be found throughout culinary history in regions around the globe.

The Brits brought the modern pie to America back in the 1600’s, but over the years US pies have largely evolved into the popular dessert.

At Burbelmaiers, we’re bringing back the savory pie with some modern twists - including vegetarian and gluten-free.



Our traditional piecrusts are based on a classic hot-water recipe and a French-style pate-brisee.

Some of the regular pies you might enjoy at Burbelmaiers:

   The British Pork Pie
   Jersey Shore: Sausage, Peppers, and Onion Pie
   Beef and Mushroom Pie
   Smoked Chicken and Leek Pie
   Curried Lamb Pie
   Bacon Cheddar Burger Pie
   The Reuben
   The Cubano
   Ham & Cheese Pie
   Jamaican Beef Patties
   Cornish Pastie
   Sausage Roll
   Chicken Tinga Quesadilla
   Bacon Toaster Tart

GLUTEN-FREE crust pies*

Our gluten-free pie crust is made with an in-house recipe of chick pea and fava bean flours, sorghum, flax seeds and organic, sustainable palm kernel shortening.

Some of the gluten-free favorites you might try are:

   Veggie Korma GF Pie
   Wild Mushroom & Asparagus GF Pie
   Alsatian Onion GF Pie
   Turkey Sausage & Cranberry GF Pie
   Vegetarian Mumbai Quesadilla
   And our daily Frittata, which could have just about anything in it!
*Please note that although we strive to separate and our products, the GF pies are made in-house where non-GF products are made.