Chef Peter Burbela loves to cook. An acclaimed chef with experience as Chef/Owner of fine dining restaurants in Maplewood, New Jersey and Vieques, Puerto Rico, his specialty is uniting the traditional flavors of classic foods from around the world…with perfected technique and always a twist.  Chef Pete is passionate about old world processes for smoking and curing foods but tweaks them using modern techniques to create exciting and memorable new tastes. His emphasis is on the highest quality dishes prepared with consistencythe goal is a dining experience that is dependably delicious, every time!  


Chef Burbela’s wife, Courtney Maier Burbela loves to connect with people.  Graduating from Lehigh University, she spent 25 years exclusively in the art business before branching into the lending side of real estate. In that time, Courtney has compiled a string of successes in both markets, and continues to actively work in both. Courtney will be using her business experience, combined with a love and understanding of great food, to capture the look and feel of Burblemaiers and share that message with the world!